Teacher. Astrologer. Mystic.

I was always looking for a way to live passionately and purposefully. I got lucky. I embraced the aging process.

I found:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • the Moon

The Universe literally exploded and expanded before me. So what is this? This website is  an outpouring of all the guidance and wisdom that I’ve been given.

I started practicing yoga after my children grew up and moved away. I was older and wiser. Maybe I was trying to create the new Linda, maybe I was discovering a new hobby, I’m not entirely sure. But I was definitely searching.

I began teaching yoga in 2010.


  • 200-hour yoga certification with Gina Caputo and Sarah Kucera in Kansas City, Missouri
  • 200-hour Qi Gong certification with Lee Holden in Santa Cruz, California
  • 500-hour yoga certification with Alanna Kaivalya

I began to mix ancient Indian wisdom with traditional Chinese medicine.  Then,  I added philosophy and mythology to my repertoire.

My yoga classes became gentler and more focused. Richer. I discovered that as women got older they weren’t loving their bodies and I wanted to change that. Many of them were feeling empty with a ‘God-sized’ hole in their psyche. I began to hear things like, “I feel so good when I leave your classes. I learn so much.”  I knew I was onto something.

Additional trainings:

I took workshops on and am trained in Astrology, Lunation Cycles, Tarot Reading, Chakra Healing, Reiki, Energy as Medicine, Life-Coaching, Reading the Akashic Records, Radical Forgiveness, The Power of Prayer, Finding your Spirit Guides, Using a Pendulum for Healing, Talking to your Angels, The Mythical Goddesses and so much more. You could say I love expansion. (If you could see my birth chart you’d know why!)

Who knew that these timeless practices actually worked and could add so much value to my life? I didn’t discover anything new, I merely uncovered what was always there and my higher guidance was leading the way. This time, I got still and listened.

I looked for the bits of cosmic wisdom in all of my trainings and pulled out the nuggets for you.

My mission is:

  • to share
  • to guide
  • to teach

My passion is to support you on this journey.

So come. Let’s practice. Some movement. Some meditation.  Some breathwork. Some affirmations. And, for fun, let’s throw in a little woo-woo. Astrology. Tarot. Mantra.

Are you ready? The Universe is waiting for you.

“This is my letter to the world….. judge tenderly of me.”
– Emily Dickinson