Pisces Full Moon

Pisces Full Moon
August 26, 2018 Linda Yameen

Pisces Full Moon:

Magical Dreams Become Real

Every Full Moon is an auspicious event.  We each have the opportunity to celebrate the harvest and embrace the magic. The full moon represents a time to grow and evolve; moving you forward into living your authentic life.

The  Pisces Full Moon is Virgo has a unique flavor; it tastes magical.  So let’s use some magic and bring the dreamer down to earth.

How does this work?

Think of the full moon energy as a tug-of-war.  You remember,  each team pulls back and forth and after a lot of exertion and rope burns a winner is declared!

This tug of war is Team Pisces versus Team Virgo; on oppostite sides of the sky.  Team Pisces includes the Moon with high watery energy and Team Virgo has the Sun and a touch of earthiness.

The Pisces team is:

  • dreamy
  • gentle
  • and spiritual

It easily senses the Oneness of All Life and the connection between us all.

The Virgo team is:

  • down the earth
  • practical
  • and analytical

It loves to keep things real.

And there is an extra bonus in the cosmos today. Saturn, Uranus and the Sun are making unique and perfect angles, like an isoselese triangle.  (If you paid attention in high school  geometry you might remember this, right?).  Astrologers call it a Grand Earth Trine.

No worries if you just didn’t get math; the idea is that these planets are in special places in the sky and this placement creates HARMONY.  On earth.

“As above, so below”.

Summing it all up; you are being gifted an extra bit of grounding energy to bring the Pisces dreams into fruition.  “Keep your feet on the ground,” says Virgo.

What’s next?  Let’s balance the energy; some dreaminess and some practicality. Your assignment if you choose to accept it, is simple:

  1. Write down what you dream about, what is in your imagination right now?
  2. Create 3 action steps.  What can I do today to move this idea into the world of form?

Wait, who wins the tug of war?  Team Pisces or Team Virgo?

Correct answer:  You.


Linda Yameen