About Yoga

Yoga = Union.

It isn’t just creative shapes and balance; yoga is the state of mind where you feel inner peace, blissful, and connected.

How do we find that state? Try this recipe:

  1. One bowl of creative movement
  2. Mix in slow deep breathing
  3. Add a few sprinkles of stillness
  4. A dash of cosmic wisdom
  5. Stir gently

When we move in certain ways we enhance the flow of energy in the body.  The yogi’s call this life-force prana, the Chinese call it qi.

What is Cosmic Yoga?

When yoga and qi gong are mixed together it’s like your favorite cocktail —  the perfect balance of deliciousness —

  • yin and yang
  • light and dark
  • sun and moon.

And a bonus, a continuous state of health, balance, and vitality.

Cosmic Yoga is:

  • more than just movement
  • more than just quiet time
  • more than a healthy lifestyle

Cosmic Yoga is a practice that allows you to connect to the energy and wisdom of the Universe.

Cosmic Yoga includes:

  • simple rituals and meditations for mindfulness
  • gentle movement designed to move not just your body, but your spirit

I want you to fill up that ‘God-sized’ hole in your psyche.   I want your soul to live to its highest potential in this lifetime.

Simply put, I want you to have all the tools that so you can move through life authentically.

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“Travel light, live light, spread light, be the light.”
– Yogi Bhajan